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Real estate is probably a type of investment which can be very lucrative when you just graduated. Don’t get overwhelmed of the all the new information or the large amounts of money you are supposed to start with. The beauty of it can be found in the many years you have in front of you to learn the right stuff of investing in real estate. Valuable lessons for a young real estate investor are priceless for all your future investments.

What is nice about investing in real estate: it really can lead to another lifestyle. By working towards providing a regular income, you can really get to a point where you have the possibility to choose whether you want to keep working or not. It can give you a kind of autonomy where you can choose your preferred projects and real estate investments. But, as a young real estate investor you should be willing to work hard and stay focused for a while. Here are some basic tips & tricks for every ambitious youngster who to become a real estate investor.

Learn as much as you can

Although fundamental skills in real estate investing are unchanged in decades, new trends are always behind the corner. New technologies, innovative appliences and tastes evolve on a daily basis. If you want to keep up with everything that’s going on, you need to stay on top of these trends. Innovation evolves at a tremendous speed, therefore keeping up is a necessity. So, you should invest regularly in real estate courses, so you can learn of them every day.

Do ask for help

A mentor who has walked the talk, can be of a tremendous help to you. He can share some valuable insights, so you don’t make the mistakes he made. This gives you a head start. He might even show you some nice opportunities.

What we mean by mentor, is someone who knows real estate investing thoroughly and who has earned his stripes. It is a wise call to partner with someone who more experienced than you and who can guide you in a new way of thinking and investing.

Go for experiences

By partnering with other real estate investors you can learn a great deal from each other. Hence, gaps in knowledge or experience can be filled. As a young real estate investor it’s always a good idea to be surrounded by experts in their field. So you can learn new skills. Hire or work with someone who is smarter than yourself, is not a sign of weakness but a strength, which can be very valuable in the future. When you are the smartest of the company, you should be the owner!

Keep costs under control

One of the most important reasons a young real estate investor doesn’t succeed: they miscalculated costs of a real estate investment. Remember, in every real estate investment its the costs which make a property profitable or not.

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When starting off, keep all costs at an absolute minimum. That’s how you maximise profits en how you can lay a good foundation for your investing success.

Choose your niche and go for it, all the way

Everybody has his own style and specialties. One young real estate investor is interested in other types of properties than someone else. That’s how every investor finds his own niche in the market, which you can take full advantage off. Although you might think that you need a generalistic profile. Investors who specialise are most of the times better off. They know exactly on what types of properties they should focus and know everything about them.

Know your own weaknesses and work on them. Use your strengths and own preferences to become an expert in what you do. That’s how you can achieve a superior level in real estate investing.

Prepare for difficult times

Beware, that not all your transactions will as profitable as would want them to be. Either some issues with the property raised after you bought it, or there is a downturn in the economy. Make sure you have some emergency fund so you can overcome these times. With a proper preparation and execution, you probably can handle these blows.

Winnie Vincken

20 years of experience as strategic consultant, interim manager & entrepreneur in internet companies. Always interested to talk about innovation, disruptive models & investing with a passion for future developments.

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